Astro Finance loan: features, requirements and online application

Personal loans, Online loans

Personal loans, Online loans

When you need more liquidity in a few days, perhaps to make a purchase or to urgently meet expenses, the best thing is to choose a fast loan. Among the various bank offers, one of the fastest is the Astro Finance loan. The company belonging to the Bankate group gives the possibility to obtain the requested sum in 24/48 hours maximum.

The speed of the product offered by Astro Finance is possible thanks to the online request system and the use of the digital signature, in case of approval. The application is therefore sent directly through the official website of the financial company and then examined by the operators who check the requirements, if they exist in about 24 hours , confirmation is given that the requested sum has been paid out.

This type of financing can only be requested if it is aimed at the purchase or realization of a project, or to obtain greater liquidity. If you are interested in knowing more about how it works and what the requirements are to get a fast online loan with Astro Finance, read on our guide.

Astro Finance loan: main features

Astro Finance loan: main features

The finance company offers various products on the subject of loans, assignments of the fifth and credit cards. One of the most requested, however, remains the fast loan which can be requested directly online by going to the official page.

The loan allows you to request a finalized sum that starts from 1000 USD up to 60 thousand USD. Based on the sum requested, it is possible to obtain an installment that starts from a minimum of six months and reaches a maximum of 120 (10 years).

The online procedure allows to speed up the loan application procedures as much as possible. In fact, the accessory costs, those that are usually present in a normal bank investigation, do not appear in the final statement, these costs are equal to 0.

In addition to offering a fast loan in about 24/48 hours, the financial company gives the possibility, after six months of regular payments, to change the amount of the installment according to your needs. In addition, you can also choose to skip the installment three times during the course of the loan.

Loan Requirements Astro Finance

Loan Requirements Astro Finance

As we have anticipated, the request is very simple to submit, but to obtain acceptance it is necessary to have specific requirements anyway. These are:

  • Permanent employee or private income
  • Demonstrable annual income, if coming from self-employment
  • Do not appear as reported to the CRIF or bad payer
  • Having an open bank account in Italy

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How to apply for the loan online

How to apply for the loan online

To apply for the Astro Finance loan, you must go to the official website of the company, after which you can choose the amount, the number of installments and the purpose.

As we have anticipated, this is a finalized loan so it is necessary to report the reason for the specific request for money.

The purposes you can access include the purchase of:

Vehicles: new or used cars, motorcycles or campers

Real estate: purchase of garage, land, garage, or house, renovation, furniture and furnishings.

Technology: hi-fi and audio video, pc, cameras and telephony

Leisure: courses, universities, online masters, school, ceremonies, weddings, other events, holidays, medical care, fees or legal fees, medical care.

Various projects: greater liquidity, carrying out work in one’s own business, purchases not mentioned

After choosing the purpose of the loan, you can start filling in the application by entering the following data:

  • Name, Surname and Tax Code and accept the processing of personal data
  • Iban of the current account
  • Identification document
  • Current job
  • Average monthly earnings
  • Telephone number
  • email address

Finally, you can forward the request and wait for the email with or without acceptance of the loan. If successful, a phone call arrives to recognize the applicant and to authorize the use of the digital signature and the sending of documents electronically. After accepting this procedure, the payment is made directly to the iban given during the request.